Taragate Geared Reels w/Dead Handle


The Taragate Geared Reel is similar to the O’Briens , but has a longer insulated handle & smoother gearing. It comes with a impact-resistant hub, wire guide, galvanized steel frame & support hook, and plastic dead gate handle.

  • 1320' PolyBraid Capacity (Item# PBS4 or PBSC4)
  • With a 3:1 gear ratio, it reels fast and makes the job go quicker.
  • 5 year protection warranty on plastics from UV damage.

Case of 4 Reels ships for free via UPS Ground.

"Free Shipping" only applies to case quantities and does not apply to the rest of the order.

Would you like that shipped prewound? Click here for prewound reels

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