MiG Pasture Tour

You’ve read Jim’s articles on everything from managing pasture diversity to wildlife friendly fencing. You’ve heard him talk about grazing center pivots at conferences and field days. Whether you graze in high natural rainfall areas, irrigated pasture, or semi-arid rangeland , a lot of the same principles and tools apply. Now is your chance to see all of this first hand!
We are now offering the opportunity to spend a day with Jim & Dawn on the grazing unit they manage for Circle Pi Ranch in the beautiful Pahsimeroi Valley of central Idaho. This grazing unit consists of two center pivots and some adjacent flood ground and desert rangeland. The big pivot is 300 acres and the little pivot is 150 acres. We have cattle grazing here about 8-9 months of the year, usually from early May thru December.
Learn how we manage highly productive grass-legume pastures with minimal reseeding or fertilizer use; develop reliable stock water systems; fence to accommodate elk, antelope, and deer; and all the other basic nuts and bolts of day-to-day MiG operations.

Because we want this to be a personalized learning opportunity, group size is strictly limited.
Cost for 1 to 4 people is $800 for the day. For groups larger than four, we add $100 / person up to a maximum group size of 16.
The day runs from 9AM to 5 PM and we will provide lunch and refreshments.
If you’re traveling a distance, you may want to stay in the area a few days and enjoy the history, scenery, and wildlife of this unique region. For smaller groups, we can arrange for B&B accommodations within 25-30 miles of the ranch. Larger groups can stay at motels in Challis (37 miles) or Salmon (60 miles). For RV’ers, you can park on-site or enjoy one of the nearby Forest Service or BLM campgrounds.
Just a couple more ground rules.... This tour opportunity is available May thru December. However, we don’t do tours in October, as we reserve that time for our hunting activities. We can accommodate you on almost any day of the week except major holidays.

We can also arrange visits to some of our client ranches in the area to provide even greater learning opportunities or specialized operations. Costs for these extra tours will vary.
Contact us to discuss arrangements for you or your group.
dawn@americangrazinglands.com or call us at (208) 812-4123