Conference and Workshop Services

Jim is available for speaking at your conference or workshop.

Speaking at a conference with multiple speakers (Jim speaking <4 hours/day)       
Single day event                                              $2000
Two-day events                                               $3000
Multi-day events with Jim                              $1250/day

Speaking at a conference or workshop with Jim as primary speaker
Single day event                                              $2500
Two-day events                                               $4000
Multi-day events                                             $1500/day

For a list of Jim's upcoming speaking engagements, click here.

*Travel charges:
Travel expense is in addition to conference or program charges. Within 400 one-way miles of home location, travel will usually be by motor vehicle with mileage charged at 54 cents/mile. Beyond 400 miles, travel is usually by air and charged at actual airfare. We always make travel arrangements based on lowest price available for reasonable connections. In other words, we book flights as if it were coming out of my pocket. If I choose to drive to your location and the mileage charge would be in excess of airfare, I charge at the airfare rate. Air travel is usually out of Idaho Falls, ID. In addition to airfare, there is a mileage charge to and from my home to the airport, which is a 270 mile roundtrip.

There will be a charge for international travel days of $500/day. Travel days to Western Canada (BC-AB-SK) are charged at $300/day. This fee can be waived if there are at least 4 working days