Farms We Love

“With every passing day, Dawn and I are becoming increasingly committed to the advancement of pasture-based foods. Part of this is due to the vast improvements in our own health and well-being as we have increasingly moved our daily diet away from any processed foods and are consuming more and more pastured-based or wild meats and only fresh vegetables and fruits. We recognize the health of our entire nation hangs on the thin thread of Real Food. I belabor my extended family with the concept, I talk to strangers on airplanes, I speak at conferences, and I write my congressmen concerning the need for a radical change in our diets with pasture-based meats being the centerpiece of healthy living.
The following websites are a listing of our clients and customers involved in the production and direct marketing of a variety of pasture-based meats and other products. We encourage you to visit their sites and support their efforts to provide Real Food to consumers across the country"

~Jim Gerrish~


Lua Family Farm - Soda Springs, ID -
McIntyre Farms - Caldwell, ID - 


JAKO Farm - Hutchinson, KS -


Nature's Gourmet Farm - Petal, MS -


Wolf Ridge Wool & Lamb Co. - Paradise Valley, MT -  Wolf Ridge Icelandics (
Lohof Grass-Finished MEATS -


Robinette Farm, Martell, NE -

New York

Herondale Farms - Ancramdale, NY -
Acabonac Farms - Long Island, NY -
Wrong Direction Farm - Canajoharie NY -


Walnut Creek Farms - Waynoka, OK -
Bent Tree Farms - Stonewall, OK -


Phil Baggett - Clarksville TN -


Dalkena Highlands - Newport, WA -
Ramstead Ranch - Ione, WA -