Speedrite 3000, 3 Joule, 12v Solar Package w/ Dolly (battery not included)


Solar Package includes:

  • Speedrite 3000 3 Joule, Dual-Powered AC & DC
  • 30 Watt Solar Panel
  • 10 Amp Charge Controller
  • 24" Battery Cable
  • Solar Dolly

Instructions included for Unigizer, Solar Panel, Charge Controller & Solar Dolly in box. 

You will need to purchase a deep-cycle marine battery with around a 50 amp hour storage. If reserve capacity is all that is given on the battery, multiply the RC by .4167 to determine amp hour storage.

Tip: If you can buy a true deep-cycle battery rather than the marine/rv hybrid battery then do that.  

We recommend 9' of galvanized ground rod (1/2"-5/8" diameter) to properly ground this system for maximum shock.

This system can efficiently energize(6-10kv) up to 3 miles of 9-strand mixed-metals Polybraid, single strand and ~ 6 miles of 12.5 ga hi-tensile. Results do vary depending on the quality of grounding system, soil conductivity, soil type, moisture content, etc,..  

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Speedrite 3000 is the largest energizer that we recommend using on electric fence that consists of only polywire. If you only are using polywire, do not go with a larger charger as this can damage the unit. The reason is that an energizer's effectiveness is largely determined by matching its capability with the correct amount of fencing. Putting a large charger on an inadequate amount of fencing may cause the unit to overheat and damage itself.   

Feel free to contact us if you need any help!


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