SmartWand™ Pivot Irrigator Gate 1m

Sold out

Brought to you by Taragate, all new, easy install SmartWand™ electric pivot irrigator gate.

Available as single wand (each) or in 20 or 100 packs.

  • A smart and simple solution to pivot irrigator gateways.
  • Keep your paddocks stockproof while pivot irrigator in use.
  • Entire body is live – nothing to snap, crack or pop off.
  • Flexible SmartWand – 1 metre long and adjustable.
  • Irrigator wheel moves easily through wands which spring back after pivot passes.
  • Electrified with unique SmartInsulators™ system.
  • Easy secure install – insulator locked down with industrial screw.
  • 10 year warranty on SmartInsulators™.

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