Grazing Resource USB with New Presentations!


Grazing School Resource USB
This is the closest thing you can get to attending a Grazing School with Jim Gerrish without actually being there!

The AGLS Resource Disc contains narrated PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and PDF copies of our most popular How-to Guides.

The 13 PowerPoint presentations are the classroom component of our basic 4-day grazing school program. Each presentation is narrated by Jim and will run automatically on any version of PowerPoint going back to MS Office 93-97 era up thru current editions.

Topics include:

  • What can MiG do for you
  • Setting goals and objectives
  • Understanding Stock Rate, Carrying Capacity, & Stock Density
  • Matching Forage Resources & Animal Demand
  • Grazing cell layout & design
  • Cost effective pasture improvement
  • Using a pasture inventory and grazing wedges
  • Extending the grazing season
  • Effectively grazing winter pastures

New PowerPoint Presentations as of May 1, 2018

  • What Really Determines Profitability in Grass Farming
  • Stock Policy & Revenue Flow
  • Farm Planning Tech Tools
  • How Do You Know It Will Pay

The 30 Excel spreadsheets range from simple calculators for simple questions to pasture inventory and record keeping templates. These are the spreadsheets I use most commonly in my consulting business for both planning and analysis. Basic understanding of spreadsheet function is required to use these tools effectively. Fence Cost Calculator, Stock Water Calculator, and Hay Cost Calculator are included in the package.
Spreadsheets include:

  • Annual Pasture Seed Cost
  • Carry Capacity & Stock Policy
  • Cost Benefit Analyzer as AUD
  • Cost Benefit Analyzer as Ton
  • Cow Depreciation
  • Fence & Stockwater Calculator
  • Fence Cost Calculator
  • Hay Cost Calculator
  • Hay Feeding Calculator
  • Individual Stock Tank Costs
  • Irrigation Cost Calculator
  • Land Based Costs Per AU
  • Pasture Inventory Template
  • Rangeland Soil Survey Productivity & Stocking Rate Calculator
  • Soil Survey Productivity & Stocking Rate Calculator
  • Stock Revenue Flow 5 year Pasture Finishing
  • Stock Density & Available Forage Calculator
  • Tank Capacity & Water Flow Calculator
  • and more…

Included on the USB is our very popular ‘Electric Fence Basics’ guide as well as the ‘Stock Water Development Guide’ and ‘Center Pivot Grazing Cell Guide’. There is also information on conducting pasture inventories and using the grazing wedge for planning your grazing season.

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