Plasson Quick-Coupler Valve 3/4"


Simple and efficient as it sounds - The Plasson Quick Coupler Valve is perfect for portable watering systems or can be installed on in-ground systems as well. When the male riser is snapped into the female valve - it opens the valve. When removed, it closes the valve. A very simple and reliable valve for livestock watering. 

You only need one riser per tank but it is a good idea to keep an extra on hand for emergencies! 

View and purchase the male riser HERE

Over-the-surface Installation Tip: Protect your valve from livestock damage by installing directly under a fence line. 

Buried Installation Tip: Place a notched piece of 8" PVC over the pipe and valve assembly. The PVC pipe should rise no less than 6" above soil surface. Do NOT have the valve installed higher than the top of the PVC well. You may want to fill with insulation and cap for year-round use. 

 *This page is for purchase of the female valve only. All other components are for demonstration purposes and must be purchased separately.

Max Working Pressure: 120 psi 

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