Preloaded 1:1 Mini Reel w/ 328' Gallagher Turbo wire & ZAMMR Handle


Preloaded Mini Reel with ~300' of Gallagher Turbo Wire & ZAMMR Handle

  • Turbo wire is 9 strand mixed-metals
  • Popular Speedrite ZAMMR works as both a "dead" handle and "hot" handle 
  • Plastic mini reel features a removable spool and locking lever.

This style of smaller reel works very well in "mob" grazing scenarios or High-Density Short-Duration rotations. Create your corridor fences with 1/4 or 1/2 mile geared reels and then strip graze with our smaller mini reel. Recommended for use with O'Brien Treadaline, Gallagher Ringtop, & Pig-Tail step-in posts.

Looking for something a little more heavy duty with a sturdy metal frame but still made for shorter fence lengths? Take a look at this Econo Reel 

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