Preloaded Gallagher Geared Medium Reel w/ PowerFlex PolyBraid & Dead Handle


Gallagher Geared Medium Reel 

  • Preloaded with 1320' PolyBraid (9 Stainless or 9 Mixed-Metals, your choice)
  • We recommend using '9 Stainless Polybraid' for strip grazing lengths that will not exceed the 1320' provided. Voltage will decrease significantly at greater distances.
  • The '9 Mixed-Metals' is about 10x more conductive and may be extended much further than the '9 Stainless Polybraid'.


  • Most popular option for fast wind in and out (3:1 gear ratio) on standard length portable fences
  • Heavy duty gear box for long life
  • Large hook with transport lock for easy, secure attachment to ATV or fence wire 
  • Impact resistant reel guide for tangle free operation
  • Fully galvanized frame and white high impact hub for durability in tough farming/ranching conditions
  • Shatter proof reel lock
  • Long crank arm for better leverage
  • Large comfortable hand grip with knuckle guard for safer use​

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