Heavy Duty Offset Insulated Brackets


Heavy Duty Offset Insulated Brackets are designed to
put an insulated electric wire about eight inches away from a
permanent fence. The wire bracket is normally twisted onto
two different non-electric strands of woven, barbed, or H-T
fence. The large loop is insulated with tough plastic tubing
which permits the wire to move through it with a minimum of
friction. This offset is heavy duty & strongest offset on the
market which allows for at least 100% longer spacing between
offsets than other offset brackets.

Offsets provide multitude of functions in a grazing system.

  • Easily install electric wire(s) to existing fences such as barbed wire & woven wire that are not electrified. This can bring power to internal hi-tensile wire and temporary polybraid/tape fences     
  • Increase lifespan of barbed wire and woven wire fencing by keeping livestock from pushing and rubbing against.
  • Predator protection - Electrified offset wires, placed low around the outside of your perimeter is an excellent control measure for keeping predators away from your flocks and herds

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