ElectroStop® 10/42/12 Electric Netting


*Choose between option of single or double spike for the posts. 

This netting has 10 horizontal strands (bottom wire is not conductive, top 9 are). Its top wire is 42" high when installed, making it optimal for goats and sheep. It is supported by plastic vertical struts every 12". There is a post or step-in every 12.5'

Electric netting is the choice for graziers seeking to contain sheep and goats while offering a higher level of predator control than traditional 3 wire fences. Light enough for one person carry and install, this is a good portable fence option for management-intensive grazing minded folks. Here are a couple of tips before and while working with netting:

  • Single spike vs double spike. Single spike tangles less but does not offer the convenience of a step for hard ground. Double spike costs more but allows the user to tighten fences a little more because of its step-in quality
  • When taking the fence down you should gather all of the posts while allowing the netting to fold on to itself. Once all of the posts have been gathered lie the posts and netting flat, fold the netting in half toward the pile of posts. Fold in half until you are able to tie with provided strings and easily pick up the roll, this will allow you to easily fold it out again for your next fence.
  • Do not attempt to roll or drag on ground.
  • When not in use, store in a rodent proof room. Mice and other rodents do like to chew on polywire.

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