Automatic Gate Opener Timer with Recoil Reel


Teeter Farm Tech's timed gates are designed for easy use and flexibility. Now all you need to do is set the timer and the gate will automatically open allowing the livestock to move into new pastures without having to physically be there to open the gate.

Product Details

  • Timed release reduces labor and expenses.

  • Weather-resistant allows your livestock to move to new pastures no matter the time of day or kind of weather.

  • This lightweight system is simple to set up and quick to move, making it easy to use the same device at different locations.

  • 15 Foot Recoiling gate reel, means no more untangling spring gates, gate simply retracts like a tape measure and remains electrically charged so livestock do not mess with it.

  • Both timer and battery covers are easily accessed with hairpin cotter pins, no need for tools!

  • The optional Brace Bracket allows you to use the step-in post of your choice to quickly and efficiently create a stable end post for your gate. This gives you the flexibility of placing the gate anywhere along the length of your temporary fence.

  • Very efficient battery usage means batteries only need to be replaced once a year. (Ideally, prior to the cold-weather season, as cold weather places more of a strain on a battery’s chemical reaction than warm weather.)

  • Requires 4 AA Batteries (not included)

  • The electrical circuits are protected from reverse polarity, so if batteries are accidentally put in backward, the unit will not be damaged.

  • One-year warranty! (see details under warranty tab).

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