Apex Big Al Reservoir Valve


The Apex Big Al Reservoir Valve is made from polyphenylene sulfide and has a very large flow rate. It utilizes a differential dual weight system that reduces pump wear and saves electricity. This valve is diaphragm activated and has a steel pin that runs inside the pilot center which acts as a self cleaning mechanism which is unique to Apex valves.

Big Al Flow Chart


  • Built for durability and long life using fiberglass-reinforced nylon, Acetyl (POM) and corrosion-resistant polyphenylene sulfide
  • Designed for use in large pump-fed water tanks or reservoirs that maintain full-flow, extremely high-volume levels of water
  • Features a differential dual-weight system that reduces pump wear and saves electricity
  • Automatically enables a large flow rate until it turns off, ensuring safe, smooth and cost-effective fluid control
  • Applications include irrigation, rainwater harvesting, agriculture, horticulture, livestock watering, farm and ranch and/or hydroponic systems

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