Medium Gripples (10-14 Gauge)


How it works:

Inside every Gripple Wire Joiner & Tensioner are high precision gear-toothed rollers. These rollers grip each wire allowing it to move in one direction only. The moment any load is applied, the rollers "bite" into the wire - locking it into place. The geared Tensioning Tool makes for quick and easy tensioning.

Gripples work great on new fencing ~ but are especially useful and quick on repairing and fix'n old or damaged fence. As with "old rusty barbed wire" - that may break when you try to bend it and knot it.

The medium Gripple works on both 10-14 gauge hi-tensile wire and 15.5 gauge barbed wire and can be used as a loop for end installations or as in-line joiners. Simply push the wire ends thru the Gripple and tension with the Tensioning Tool.


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