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Management-intensive Grazing
The Grass Roots of Grass Farming
By Jim Gerrish
The person who coined the phrase Management-intensive Grazing, Jim Gerrish answers that question in Management-intensive Grazing, The Grassroots of Grass Farming. Using vivid images and detailed explanations, Jim takes graziers step by step
through the MiG system. He begins from the ground up with the soil, and advances through the management of pastures and animals.
Written primarily for those new to MiG grazing, Jim’s insight and personal experience can also help experienced graziers fine tune their grazing operations for added income.

Kick the Hay Habit: A practical guide to year-around grazing
By Jim Gerrish

What’s the most critical factor affecting profitability in most livestock enterprises? Not weaning weight. Not price received! Not even the color of your cows!! It’s managing costs and specifically winter feed costs!!!

This new book follows up on Jim’s very popular MiG: Grassroots of Grazing to take you to the next level of getting in control of your operation with chapters on planning for winter grazing and



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