Kick the Hay Habit Audio Book


Kick the Hay Habit: A practical guide to year-around grazing
Audio Discs read by the Author!

By Jim Gerrish

Includes 5 audio CDs, plus 1 CD of tables & figures contained in the text version and Excel Hay Cost Calculator.

Listen to the following topics as you drive your tractor in endless circles around your hay fields:
* How we got into our hay addiction in the first place
* What’s the true cost of making hay
* Planning for year-around grazing
* Using a pasture inventory to know what you have available
* Making the transition from hay feeding to winter grazing
* Stockpiling cool-season perennial pastures
* Stockpiling warm-season perennial forages
* Using winter annual forages
* Using summer annual forages in the winter
* Using tall grass prairie for winter grazing
* Grazing native rangelands from Florida to Nevada
* Utilizing crop residues
* Keeping stock water available in the winter
* Setting up grazing cells for easy winter work
* Budgeting feed
* Supplementation
* Dealing with snow, ice, and mud
* Coping with peer pressure and ridicule
* And much more...

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