(Sold out-ETA May 2021)1" Apex Xtraflo Long Tail Trough Valve & Float


1" Apex Xtraflo Long Tail Trough Valve & Float

This "long tail" version has a longer threaded end so that it may be inserted through a self-made hole in any portable tank that has a flat side. The included gasket and nut are then tightened on the outside of the tank creating a water tight seal!  

  • Mounts directly through sidewall of tank, no extra fittings needed
  • High Flow - An operating pressure of 40 - 60 psi = 60 - 80 gallons per minute!!
  • Low Maintenance, Self-Cleaning
  • Wide working pressure range (4 - 175 psi)
  • UV stabilized and corrosion resistant
  • Long life
  • Repair kits available (RKXF)

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