9" Pigtail Offsets - Box of 25


The 9" pigtail offset insulator is an option for extending a hot wire off of a non-electric fence i.e woven wire or barbed wire. 

Offset wires are extremely useful for running power around existing perimeter fences that will not be electrified. This can provide power to portable fencing in areas that would be difficult to manage otherwise. 

Offset wires will also increase the longevity of your permanent fence by keeping your animals from rubbing on the wire, rails and posts.

Installation: Hammer the insulator into a wood post in the same position as shown here on the page. You want the wire resting on the straight shaft of the insulator and not in the bottom of the loop. To prevent the nailed in insulator from turning sideways or eventually working its way loose, secure it in place with a double barbed staple halfway up the vertical piece just above the nail point.

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