TaraBraid Mixed-Metals 1312' w/ 6 Stainless steel & 3 Tinned-Copper Conductors, Red & White


TaraBraid - mixed-metals 6 stainless steel strands/3 tin copper strands 1312'.

  • Which conductor should I choose, 9 Stainless or 9 Mixed-Metal?                          It's simple, will you be connecting more than a 1/4 mile of continuous polywire product together? If your answer is yes, select the 9 Mixed-Metal TaraBraid. 9 Mixed-Metal TaraBraid is 10X more conductive than the 9 Stainless TaraBraid but that is only important at the previously mentioned 1/4+ mile use of polywire product. For distances less than 1/4 of a mile the 9 Stainless TaraBraid is easily conductive enough to keep your fence hot and your animals in.


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