210KSI, 12.5 gauge, Electroplated, Hi-tensile Smooth Wire


This wire is strong... How strong? Strong enough for elk herds running into it with the smell of road hunters not far behind. Not strong enough for you? It's the same wire used on many bison ranches. What's a bison?? Buffalo, it's a buffalo.

What's better? It's made in the good ol' USA.

What is the difference between hot-dipped and electroplated galvanization?

Hot-dipped wire is run through a molten zinc bath where the quality of finish can vary quite a bit. Typically, you will have a thicker galvanization on hot-dipped wire but it can be rougher and gradually flake off over time.

The galvanization process for the electroplated wire is quite the opposite.The wire is given a series of washes and rinses in a "cold" electrolytic bath where an electromagnetic process creates a smooth consistent zinc coating in a very strong matrix. Expect 50+ years of service.

Min breaking strength = 1,617 lbs

Do NOT over-tighten!! Getting it too tight or leave it sagging and you're asking for trouble.. About 150 lb of torque is the most you should put on it.

No torque wrench? No problem. Ratchet tighten your wire and test it with the weight of your hand when you get near to parallel with the ground. If, the wire deflects more than 1" you are probably too loose. If the wire deflects less than .5" you are probably too tight. Note: this method is not scientifically sound but it works for these rednecks. There are also tension springs that will show you much tension is at the ratchet(HTSHD)


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