2018-2019 Fence & Stockwater Catalog & Price List

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2018-2019 Fence & Stockwater Catalog

2018-2019 Fence & Stockwater Price List


Thank you for downloading our Fence & Stockwater Catalog & Price List!

All of the electric fence and stock water supplies shown in the catalog are 
products we have either personally used or are being used by 
fellow graziers who we personally know and respect.

One of the first things you will notice is we handle products from several
fence manufacturers, including Tru-Test (the Stafix & Speedrite brands),
Kencove, PowerFlex, Premier, PasturePro, Gallagher, and others. The simple
reason we handle all these labels is because no one manufacturer has the
best product in every category. We do ongoing
field evaluations of new products as they become available and are
continually adding new products and even removing some of our old
favorites if a superior alternative becomes available.

The catalog by no means shows all of the products we have available. It is
a sampling of what our customers most commonly use and purchase. If there
is some specialty item or your personal favorite item and you don’t see it
in the catalog, please give us a call or email and ask. We can probably
get it!

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality materials at a
competitive price. We strive to provide customer service that is second to

From helping you design your grazing cell project to ensuring your
satisfaction with the products we send to you, we are just a phone call or
email away.

We look forward to working with you!

Jim & Dawn Gerrish

Galen & Amber Gerrish

American GrazingLands Services LLC