The Smart Fence Portable Fence System combines posts, reels and poly wire in one convenient system. Completely self-contained and portable. Just place end post in the ground and four wires unreel simultaneously as you place each remaining post. Allows you to quickly create a portable corral or safe roadside grazing area.  It can be used for blocking broken fences, temporary paddocks, orchard grazing, hay bale protection and is perfect for use temporary fencing at horse, sheep and other livestock shows.

This 4-line system (using poly wire lines) reaches 328' in length and 36.5" in height. May be attached to permanent fence or to another Smart Fence system. Easy to carry and store.

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Gallagher SmartFence 2

The Gallagher SmartFence, is a portable fence option where multiple wires are needed and electric netting is not preferred. Total length is 330'. ...

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