Energizers & Voltmeters

Check out our new solar packages. Choose between the Speedrite 1, 2, or 3 joule packages. The only thing you need to supply is, a 12v deep-cycle battery. 

Note: The number next to the Stafix model (example - Stafix X6) is the joule output rating. 


Stafix energizers are the result of decades of intense research and development. Our energizer range features unique technologies which gives them a market leading edge. Packed with power and a long dependable service life, their performance is guaranteed!

All Stafix chargers do ship free but that doesn't mean shipping is free on the entire order unless your entire cart qualifies.

Speedrite Fence Fault Finder & Voltmeter

Speedrite Fence Fault Finder & Voltmeter

Speedrite Fence Fault Finder & Voltmeter Quickly and easily locates faults along the fence line Large back-lit display Displays current, volta...

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