15 Pack of PasturePro Line Posts 1-5/8" x 5' Black (***LIMITED SUPPLY***)


The 1.625" x 5' PasturePro Composite Post is a good post for permanent perimeter multi-wire fences.   

Post spacing is dependent on terrain and number of strands. For perimeter fencing, a 35' max distance between line posts is recommened. Keep in mind, these line posts are intended to hold the wire up at the desired level and are not meant to take any side-strain and little to no vertical strain. You will need to install a larger diameter wood or pipe post at these stress points. 

These posts do not come pre-drilled. Do NOT drill before installing. Once driven into the ground they have tremendous grip and are very difficult to twist or pull out. This is why we do not recommend drilling them beforehand since the holes will likely not be completely perpendicular with the wire. 

To attach the wire, use a 7/32" bit to drill your hole at the desired height(s). A cotter pin is used to attach the wire to the post. Wrap the ends of the cotter around itself between the posts and the wire. Do NOT wrap the ends of the cotter pin around the wire.  

PasturePro Posts are a self-insulating & flexible line post that consists of 70% polypropylene & 30% wood fibers and are backed with a 20 yr. Manufacturer’s Warranty. They are available in white, cedar, black, or hickory.

Note: Even though we offer many different lengths of these posts not all sizes are available on our online store just yet. In the meantime, give us a call at 208-812-4123 and we will be happy to recommend the appropriate post for your project.

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