Automatic Gates (Battery & Solar Powered) & Accessories

You can't always be around to open a gate or lift a wire and it isn't worth hiring an employee for 10 minutes of work. Luckily. we have you covered. Two different solar-powered automatic-gate options are now available!

*PensAgro - Polywire Liftgate w/ Timer (Works anywhere in your portable fence line.) *Best Rated and Reviewed by customers

BattLatch - Cam Release and Spring Gate (Install at the end of a fence and when the cam turns and releases the gate handle, the spring gate will spring back and out of the way.)

Other Solar Gate Option:

PensAgro Remote Controlled Gate - (Carry the FOB remote on your person or in your vehicle to make passage around your farm as simple as pushing a button).

PensAgro Solar Gate Opener w/ Remote

PensAgro Solar Gate Opener w/ Remote

Save time with the easy to use solar-powered remote-controlled gate opener Easy to use, simply press the button on your remote to lower your gate...

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