Jim’s Top Ten Links

The BEHAVE project
Many visitors will recognize the name of Dr. Fred Provenza from Utah State University. This is where you can hook up with Fred and his many colleagues studying and teaching a holistic approach to human and natural resource management.

The Stockman GrassFarmer magazine
The only publication in the US dedicated to Management-intensive Grazing and pasture-based agriculture. Includes a monthly column by Jim: 'Grassroots of Grazing'. Sponsor of numerous workshops featuring Jim and other leading pasture-based experts.

Jo Robinson's website
The best umbrella website for the information on the health implications of the pasture-based diet and sources for healthy food from all over the US. Healthy food supplier links for every state.

The University of Missouri-Forage Systems Research Center
This where I spent over 22 years of my professional career. Use the research and archived news links for many references that form the foundation of MiG principles.

Pharo Cattle Company
Your source for outside-the-box beef genetics and lots of other information on profitable ranching

As I have gotten a little older, I take health and well being a little more seriously. I have also come to believe the conventional medical and health care field is more of a hindrance to good health than a benefit. For an alternative view and resources when it comes to healthy living, visit Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website.

The Greenhorns
"If you’re interested in a whole different breed of farmers, check out the Greenhorns and the National Young Farmer’s Coalition to get up to speed on what is happening all around the US with beginning farmers in both rural and urban settings.“

USDA Web Soil Survey
Everything and more you ever wanted to know about the soils on your farm or ranch. The soil survey is one of the best uses ever made of taxpayers money at USDA. I have used this tool for estimating potential carrying capacity for clients all across the US. We also use it in planning irrigation systems and application, plant species adaptation, and even where to place fences.

USDA Ag Census
Got a question about the numbers behind the US ag economy and population? This is where to go to find answers. Production and economic data down at national, regional, state, and county levels.

USDA Economic Research Service
Most of you know I like numbers. Where better to get a bunch of numbers than a bunch of government economists? Do I believe all of it? No! But it sure is useful if you get into a lot of arguments (like some people I know!).