Consulting Services
We provide a wide range of ranch, pasture, and range management expertise, including:
Pasture or range improvement
Grazing cell design for Management-intensive Grazing
Developing a year-around grazing program
Pasture finishing
Multi-species grazing
Structuring a sustainable business
Financial analysis of grazing enterprise

To get an idea of what is included in a custom report, click on any of the links below to view some of Jim Gerrish's past consulting work
Sample Consulting Report -A Midwest Client
Sample Consulting Report -A Western Ranch
Sample Consulting Report -A Small Family Farm

Consulting charges:
Domestic consulting charge is $1200 per day for on-site visits. International consulting charge is $1500 per day.  All travel expenses are in addition to consulting fee.*
In-office research, analysis, and report preparation is charged at $75 per hour. Following an onsite visit, the client (You!) may choose to have no follow-up work done at all (rare) or you may choose a follow-up summary report (typical). Office hours required to prepare a summary report are generally roughly equal to time spent on site. That is, if I spend one day onsite, follow-up hours will likely be 8-10 hours. Some clients ask for very little and their office hours might be only half of the onsite hours. Others ask for a great deal and office hours may be double what the onsite hours are. The answer to the question what a full consultation will cost has to be ‘It depends’, because it depends on what you ask for.
Telephone consultation is available at $1/minute with a $25 minimum charge. Other arrangements can be made on an individual basis.
*Travel charges:
Travel expense is in addition to consulting or program charges. Within 400 one-way miles of home location, travel will usually be by motor vehicle with mileage charged at the current IRS standard rates. Beyond 400 miles, travel is usually by air and charged at actual airfare. We always make travel arrangements based on lowest price available for reasonable connections. In other words, we book flights as if it were coming out of my pocket. If I choose to drive to your location and the mileage charge would be in excess of airfare, I charge at the airfare rate. Air travel is usually out of Idaho Falls, ID. In addition to airfare, there is a mileage charge to and from my home to the airport, which is a 270 mile roundtrip.
If your event is the only stop on this trip, a $300 charge per travel day will also be assessed. If it is a one day event, two travel days are charged ($600). If it is a 2-day event only one travel day is charged ($300). For events or series of events three or more days, there is no travel charge. If I can reach your location in less than 6 hours, no extra charge for travel.
There will be a charge for international travel days of $500/day. Travel days to Western Canada (BC-AB-SK) are charged at $300/day. This fee can be waived if there are at least 4 working days.