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Farmers in Mission Valley, MT are having a bear problem of grizzly-size proportions in their corn fields. Apparently, Ol' Grizz loves himself some corn on the cob same as we do. Problem is bears well they have some big appetites, who knew? One of these farms was losing more than 20% of their crop to bear consumption and trampling. Fair to say, they were starting to consider these bears a bit of a nuisance. That is were People and Carnivores came in to the picture. P & C is a group that works to create a fair balance between bears, wolves, things with sharp teeth and the people who share the land with these predators. Last year, they reached out to us looking for an electric fence that would keep Grizz away from his new favorite thing, CORN... Well, here is where I stop talking and say watch the attached video to find out what happened next... ...

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